Ready to tune into your cyclical super powers?

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❣️struggle with sustained energy: like you might feel super good for a week, but it seems like the other shoe always falls.

❣️ who feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster they can’t get off of until they go to the toilet and realize their period has arrived

❣️who have so many amazing and fantastic dreams but feel paralyzed by overwhelm and self doubt.

❣️struggle with consistency around movement and nourishment: like one day you are committed to moving your body and eating all the yummy nourishing foods and the next day you’ve found yourself completely grossed out at the idea of tying up your laces so you order take out instead.

❣️ feel like they’ve tried everything: meditation, face masks, 🍄s, green juices, yoga but you want to connect with your body even more

❣️you’ve downloaded your period tracker and are trying to figure out wtf is going on in your body but feel kind of lost

❣️are teetering on burnout and all you really want is to feel confident and at ease

❗️Here is the thing❗️


The world wasn’t set up for you. It isn’t your fault for feeling completely overwhelmed and burned out all the time. The world has ridiculously high expectations for menstruators.

You may feel like you need to do it all, be all the things for all the people… but what about you?

Hey no shame in wanting to be there for people, but I know that you deserve so much more.

Your inclination to over-schedule yourself, to try diet after diet, to work out even when feeling exhausted, to drown yourself in a bottle of wine after a long day is your way of trying to survive in a world that wasn’t set up for you. It is easy to feel like your body is betraying you, believe me. I've been there. 

It is a classic menstrual thang: you believe your body is a burden.. but it isn't.  You are not a failure for not being able to do it all all the time. You aren’t less than for having a menstrual cycle. You live in a patriarchal system that has taught you to ignore your body and that your period should never be talked about.

... and you can probably see that saying yes to everything isn’t just a cute little quirk …


it is harming your health and stopping you from living life for ⭐️YOU⭐️

You may find yourself feeling:

🙋like you don’t have enough time to do all the things you need AND honour your body

🙋 the social pressure to hustle and “be like everyone else”

🙋 dismissed by doctors who tell you your pain is on your head and you should try thinking "more positive"

🙋 like you’ve tried all different types of workout programs or following certain diets but can’t ever find the balance or the consistency

🙋 overwhelmed by all the different advice out there, you are sick of Wellness Tik Tok and just want a clear and evidence based answer on how to finally listen to your body

🙋like there MUST be another way.


Ignoring your cyclical nature is making your life harder than it needs to be. 

It is causing you to push through period pain,  to agree to plans when you are extremely bloated and want to be at home eating chocolate cake. It is easy to feel like your body has a mind of its own

... but it doesn't have to be this way.


A huge mistake that most menstruators make?

In their attempt to be all the things for all the people, they actually sabotage their capacity for dreaming big. You CAN do all the things, but not all the time.  You are important! Pleasure is important! Rest is important! You do not need to sacrifice your wellbeing for going after all those big beautiful dreams of yours. 

We both know that if you keep going the way you are going. The hustling, the never ending cycle of putting other people before your own needs, the lack of rest... you will burn out.

You might even notice yourself on the fast train towards disaster zone: painful periods? exhaustion? PMS that makes you want to rip your hair out? My friend, there is a connection between your experience and the way you ignore your own body.

Shame: From the moment we hit puberty we are taught to hide our cycles. We are taught our cycles are dirty, gross, smelly, painful, etc etc etc… and this keeps us silent. Why would a world that was NOT designed for us want us to feel like our cycles matter?

Patriarchy has told us we need to be “nice and polite” above all else. If we don’t cater to everyone else and GOD FORBID we have any other emotion besides happy we are deemed “hormonal and crazy”


The Diet and Fitness Industry has some how convinced us that our bodies are not perfect the way they are. They’ve convinced us that we need to push past our limits, to eat as much as a toddler eats and when we “fall off track” we are failures.

Be Honest. You want to:

⚡️learn how to cycle sync your movement, work, self care and life in a way that feels easy and natural

⚡️feel energized when it counts and have the ability to rest without feeling guilty AF

⚡️know when to put up better boundaries to make space for what really matters

⚡️learn how to actually listen to your cycle and transform your menstrual cycle for the better

⚡️understand how to nourish and move your body in a cycle supportive way so you can feel good from the inside out

⚡️feel confident in your own skin and feel like you can really trust your instincts

⚡️know WTF goes on in your body every month to feel more in control over your own body

⚡️have the confidence to live life exactly how you want to, unafraid to live differently

⚡️ and mostly you just want to feel at ease, in flow and grounded



💛 find the flow in your natural rhythm and finally come home to your body

💛 learn how to work with your cycle. Notice your cycle, your innate patterns and how to spot when you are out of alignment

💛 feel confident, energetic and have more in the tank to do what is actually important

💛 break the cycle of shame so future generations don’t have to go through the same sh*t 💩

 Rhythm is the cycle syncing framework I created after years of experimenting and researching.

Cycle syncing is a commitment, an experiment and a practice of putting your needs first. Of using your body’s natural rhythm as a tool to create the life you’ve always wanted.  

👀 Sound like anyone you know? 


🧟‍♀️ PMS makes you feel like you want to rip your skin off. You feel like an absolute menace to society. 

🪵 you want to quit your job, run away and live in the woods at least once a month

☕️ you are exhausted most of the time, like somehow 4 cups of coffee is not giving you the pep in your step that you need

💊 you slug back Advil to make it through the day thanks to the good ol' period pain

🥲 you try to keep up, to hustle and keep going but it leaves you feeling like there is no end in sight

⚖️ you feel like a failure for not being able to balance work, social life, relationships, and caring for yourself- to you: anyone who does it all, is super human.

💭you’ve got pages and pages of ideas and dreams, goals and intentions but you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed to take action

🤷you always say you’ll trrryyyy to prioritize your health and well being, but you know- life gets in the way

Hi, I'm Cait 👋 

I am a menstrual cycle coach, movement practitioner, meditation teacher and certified women's health coach and let me tell you: I've been there. 

Whether it was finding myself completely overwhelmed and burned out or at war with my body. I always felt like there was something missing. I didn’t have a firm understanding of how my body worked in relation to my hormonal cycle, leaving me feeling disconnected from my body. I would constantly fight against it, trying to push myself to do movement/exercise that wasn’t supportive, feeling guilty to take rest, and thinking that I was always meant to feel the same. Cycle syncing was the biggest “aha” moment of my life. It was like coming home to myself and finally making peace with my body.

I've helped hundreds of menstruators just like you and I make this work easy to digest and give you actionable steps so you can change your relationship with your cycle.  

  • 5 Modules with video and notion workbooks so you can customize for your own learning style
  • Each module is broken up in short videos (max 15 mins) so you can go at your own pace
  • Lab style experiments that will feel like live classes so you can actually implement the knowledge you gain. Ex: Plan Your Month using Your Cycle Lab
  • 1 onboarding call with yours truly 👋 so you can have a clear way forward
  • 1 additional coaching call with me to schedule at your leisure
  • Flex office hours with me (Times & Dates TBD)
  • All Notion templates used in the course
  • Self care, Nourishment and Cycle Syncing Resource libraries 
  • Meditation, movement and somatic practices library
  • unlimited access to me via Slack
  • Access to Befriend Your Body Mini Course

++ so much more

 Key takeaways for this module:
  • Learn the the basics of your hormonal cycle and get to know the four phases of your cycle which will allow you to plan and predict hormonal fluctuations
  • Dive deep into what exactly cycle syncing is and the framework we will work from
  • how to discover your unique blueprint (I.E LETS TRACK YOUR CYCLE) so you won’t feel like your body is a puzzle anymore
  • Why we have so much shame around our menstrual cycle and how to ditch it for good
  • Dreaming up the most magical version of you 

 Access to Module Begins August 29th

Key takeaways for this module:
  • Let’s take a look at how diet culture has gotten in the way of feeling your best
  • The connection between what you eat and your menstrual cycle
  • How to develop body acceptance and move beyond diet culture
  • Get clear on how to nourish your body by learning the basic nutrition pillars
  • How to balance your blood sugar to kick PMS to the curb

 Access to Module Begins Sept 5th

Key takeaways for this module:
  • Take a look at how the fitness industry is the problem—> not you.
  • The connection between over exercising and menstrual problems
  • How to cultivate a joyful and no pressure movement practice
  • How to cycle sync your movement practice
  • Movement & Exercise library

 Access to Module Begins Sept 12th


Key takeaways for this module:
  • The problem with people pleasing and how it gets in the way of you actually taking care of yourself
  • How stress, mental health and your menstrual cycle are all linked
  • Setting the foundations of self care
  • Diving deep into Cyclical Self Care
  • Period pain tool kit

 Access to Module Begins Sept 19th


Key takeaways for this module:
  • Examine your relationship to productivity and how hustling actually is holding you back
  • How to cycle sync your work and life in a way that leaves you feeling energized and inspired
  • How to plan your month using the cycle syncing framework
  • What to do if you work a 9-5

 Access to Module Begins Sept 26th



Rhythm was built for a few people in particular:

  • wild and passionate menstruators
  • people who want to live beyond the binary
  • creatives who tend to burn themselves out
  • the compassionate and curious who tend to over do everything

However, to put it plan and simple:

If you have a period, this course is for you.

Rhythm is a cycle syncing master course with everything you need to start cycle syncing your life. Every week for 5 weeks a new module will drop. Rhythm covers teaches you how to cycle sync your work, self care, food and exercise practice so you can feel in flow. You have life time access to all materials and future materials added. One on One support with me as well as flex office hours (Dates and times TBD) that will leave you feeling super supported. 

Rhythm is an incredible course, literally packed with life-changing knowledge. I went from being curious yet scared to experience my natural cyclical rhythm to feeling excited and empowered about the beautiful impact living cyclically can have on my life. 10/10 recommend this course to anyone who desires to get more in touch with themselves and the universe on a deeper level. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Caitlin.

-Elana N

I love Caitlin's approach to menstrual cycle education. Her energy and dedication have helped her create really great courses and workshops to help folks that menstruate understand the science behind their cycles. she bridges the gap on how to take cycle knowledge and convert it into tangible changes you can make in your day-to-day life. Taking her Rhythm course changed how I plan my life, work, play and rest and also gave me permission to give space to myself when I need it!

- Lindsay W

Rhythm is a great introduction to cycle tracking and learning more about how much we are affected by our periods. Caitlin is a great teacher, very approachable and quite knowledgable. The content is in depth and provided a lot of insight to how things work. I'd recommend this course to anyone who is curious about menstruating or to getting more in touch with their body.

- Victoria M

Learning about your own cyclical rhythm will allow you to create the life you want without all the yucky burn out. Your cycle deserves to be treated with respect.

The thing about wild and weird menstruators is that we need to actuallllly listen to our bodies. Get to know them like you would your best friend. Find out what makes us unique.

Your cycle is actually a gift.

It gives you insight into your strength & struggles, what areas of your life need a little DIY and how to best care for yourself.

So no... You may have never tracked your cycle. You may not know anything about your own body, might not even know why you want to try cycle syncing, you just know that what you are doing now is NOT working. You want to have more energy, do more while doing less and live in alignment with your natural rhythm and the sweet gifts each phase of your cycle contains.

Your cycle is a portal to the future version of you who is confident, grounded and freaking fabulous ❤️‍🔥

You are bound to walk away with ✨something ✨ that will transform your life for the better.

🔍 Either your beliefs around your cycle and the shame you feel...

🔍 Or you’ll have a step by step blue print for working with your cycle...

🔍 or you’ll discover how to move your body in a way that feels really good...

🔍 or  learn how to nourish your body in a non-diet way...


So whether you just want to know the general cycle syncing info, or you want to know specifically about the intersection of your menstrual cycle and self care, nourishment, movement or productivity- this is a course you can keep coming back to again and again.