Discover the wisdom of your cycle and re-imagine what life could be 

A no BS cycle syncing system transforming your life from the inside out.

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You’re an ambitious and multifaceted menstruator who is tired of feeling like you can’t catch a break. You try your best to do your self care routine but those never ending deadlines and life’s responsibilities leave you feeling lucky if you even moisturize before bed.

You may feel freaking fantastic one day, but you know it never lasts.

You (and your loved ones) are all too familiar with the PMS rollercoaster that makes you feel like you are one dirty dish away from throwing a glass across the room.

You wish you were the type who stayed consistent but nothing ever seems to stick, leaving you feeling shameful and guilty.

You know that you should be tracking your cycle but you never seem to stick to it.

You may have even downloaded a tracking app but you don’t even know what you should be looking for.

... and while some people seem to have it all figured out, you’re always left feeling like something is missing.

  • you may wonder why you feel so absolutely exhausted leading up to your period.
  • you have period problems but you’ve been taught that period pain is normal so you don’t try to fix it.
  • every month you struggle with motivation and self worth only to realize it was your pms once your period arrives.
  • you say you are going to do xyz but you never seem to stay consistent enough.

The truth? You are not a failure for falling off the wagon. You are not weak or less than just because you can’t seem to have the same productive output every day.

As menstruators we’ve been taught to feel shame around our periods. To hide our period products away. That our hormones make us “crazy”. Our periods are supposed to be painful, aren’t they? You think to yourself, there is no way that my menstrual cycle can be a source of power.

You may know a little bit about your menstrual cycle, but let’s be honest- the menstrual education you got in school was mostly “ you get a period, here is a pad, there is a tampon, you can get pregnant so never have sex”.

You might even feel embarrassed that you’ve spent most of your menstruating life not understanding how your own body even works.

Aren’t we just supposed to know this stuff?

Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Ready for the good news?

What if I told you that there was a way to get the menstrual cycle education you wish you had when you were younger?

A no BS, straight forward, easy to digest deep dive into your own body that will leave you feeling empowered to finally listen to your body.

Because, the simple fact is that your body HAS been talking to you. Your menstrual cycle is a messenger and it is time that you pay attention.

Yes, I need this!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you:

  • finally understood your own hormonal journey
  • start to confidently take charge over your life and make decisions that were in your best interest.
  • understood how your hormones impacted your cycle every month so you could finally stop feeling guilty for not feeling the same every day
  • could care for yourself in a more compassionate and mindful way without spending another penny on self care items.
  • were taught to track your cycle in a way that finally makes sense and you knew exactly how to discover your unique cyclical pattern.
  • unlocked the power of your menstrual cycle

Learn and discover the body basics you wish you were taught as a child:  cycle syncing 101, your monthly hormonal journey and tracking

Commit to tracking your cycle so you can discover your unique monthly pattern to feel empowered and grounded all cycle long.


Thrive knowing that you can make the best choices for your body based on your own menstrual wisdom.



First you’ll lay down the foundation of cyclical living. You’ll discover  what exactly your hormones do every month and finally get the menstrual health education you should have got as a kid. You’ll finally understand the phases of your cycle, the magic of ovulation, what a normal cycle looks like and why your cycle should be considered your 5th vital sign. You’ll go from feeling like your body is some complicated mystery towards having a solid understanding of your menstrual cycle- feeling empowered as a result. Comes with an accompanying Your Body Basics E-book and Notion workbook, packed full of everything you need to understand your menstrual cycle with ease. 


  • Period Problems to Period Pals: troubleshooting your period problems resource guide
  • Menstrual Magic Power Hour: 1 20 minute call to answer your lingering questions with yours truly


 Next, you’ll begin to learn the art of tracking your cycle. You will discover the signs and symptoms of each phase, what and how to track. After this workshop you'll be able to track ovulation like it is nothing. I’ll give you tons of different tracking options as well as my personal tracking system so you can finally find a system that works for you. You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there and unsure where to start to being able to clearly see your monthly patterns- feeling more capable care for yourself no matter what phase you are in. Comes with an accompanying Track your Cycle e-book and Notion workbook packed full of everything you need to track with confidence


  • 5 minute clarity meditation: Daily Check in for easy tracking
  • Tracking spreadsheet: Your unique pattern blueprint tracking system

Finally, you’ll discover the power of your menstrual cycle by dipping your toes into cycle syncing. You’ll discover the basics of cycle syncing so you can start to live in alignment with your cycle. You’ll finally be able to use your cycle to your advantage, feel good in your body and feel empowered to make life choices that work best for you. How amazing is that? Comes with an accompanying Sinking to Syncing e-book and Notion workbook so you can feel supported in your cycle syncing journey long after this course is completed.


  • Period Power: Cycle Syncing cheatsheet & resource library
  • Member's-only discount for Rhythm: the self paced, yet highly interactive cycle syncing curriculum designed for you to take control of your life, one cycle at a time.


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Hi, I'm Cait. 

 I am a menstrual cycle coach and let me tell you: I've been there. 

Whether it was finding myself completely overwhelmed and burned out or at war with my body. I always felt like there was something missing. I didn’t have a firm understanding of how my body worked in relation to my hormonal cycle, leaving me feeling disconnected from my body. I would constantly fight against it, trying to push myself to do movement/exercise that wasn’t supportive, feeling guilty to take rest, and thinking that I was always meant to feel the same. Cycle syncing was the biggest “aha” moment of my life. It was like coming home to myself and finally making peace with my body.

I've helped hundreds of menstruators just like you and I make this work easy to digest and give you actionable steps so you can change your relationship with your cycle.  

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"Caitlin has a gift of making a very new-to-me subject feel accessible, digestible, and easy to apply practically to my daily life. I found the pace and structure of the course to be perfect to fit into a busy life. Caitlin went above and beyond to provide additional resources to support our journeys and took the time and energy to make me feel truly safe and held on a personal level. I went from being curious yet scared to experience my natural cyclical rhythm to feeling excited and empowered about the beautiful impact living cyclically can have on my life." - Elana N.

Discover the wisdom of your cycle and re-imagine what life could be 

A no BS cycle syncing system transforming your life from the inside out.

Get it Now for Today’s Price: $199 $44
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Wildly Ambitious menstruators:

  • who are burned out, stressed out and want to find a better way to live
  • who want to finally understand the mystery of their menstrual cycle.
  • who know there is more to learn about their cycle and want to make friends with their body
  • Busy moms
  • creative entrepreneurs
  • multi-faceted menstruators

To put it plan and simple:

If you have a period, this course is for you.

Let me be clear, you deserve to understand your body.

You deserve to know your unique monthly patterns and you deserve to feel good in the body you are in. This is not some quick fix or some next trend.

The good news:

I’ve broken up the basics into three short workshops and tracking your cycle only takes a couple of minutes a day and will give you greater insight into your own body than anything else out there.

The best part is that you have the agency to do this work at your own pace. You can watch all the workshops all at once, over a couple of days or break it up to even more digestible pieces.

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, menstrual cycle awareness will become second nature to you.

The truth is that I simply believe that every menstruator in this world deserves to have access to this knowledge.

Too many of us have been robbed of the many years spent not fully understanding the power behind our own menstrual cycle.

In a perfect world, we’d learn menstrual cycle awareness from the moment we got our first period. We’d be celebrated and encouraged to live in alignment with our cycles. That we didn’t villainize our own hormones.

But we don’t live in that type of world.... yet.

I so badly want other menstruators to harness the power of their cycle, but have realized that many of us don’t even have the basic understanding of our own bodies.

Think of this course as the stepping stone, the foundational work towards living in alignment with your cycle in a way that truly empowers and transforms you from the inside out.

Discover the wisdom of your cycle and re-imagine what life could be 

A no BS cycle syncing system transforming your life from the inside out.

Get it Now for Today’s Price: $199 $44
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You wake up a month from now and know what phase of your cycle you are in so you know how you should set your day up to best suit your cyclical needs.

You wake up three months from now and you’ve discovered more about yourself than even before.

You know when to take rest without the guilt and you know when to take aligned action. You have come to a place where you finally feel accepting of your body and don’t feel like it is an enemy.

You know when you have your great days and you can pin point to the day where you struggle.

You understand the ebb and flow of energy you experience each month and don’t feel completely exhausted all the time.

You feel empowered. You feel re-energized and re-committed to living your life for you.

The truth is, there has never, in the history of the world been a better time to work with your cycle. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, is that the way we currently operate in the world does not work and working against your cycle is only going to perpetuate the never ending emotional rollercoaster of exhaustion.

So if you are looking for a fresh start this year, I’d love to have you join Befriend Your Body.

Ok, let's do this!