Think of me as your Period Pal.

I'm here to connect you back to your menstrual power. I provide you with the cycle framework that will allow you to achieve all your wild dreams- without the burn out.



As you’ll discover, I take a holistic approach to menstrual cycle work. I believe that we have all of the answers from within. Your body is telling you exactly what you need to know, if you pay attention. I know this work can be overwhelming so I break menstrual cycle awareness down into bite size pieces to make this work easy to digest and fun. Together, we will look at how your menstrual cycle impacts your self care, productivity, relationships, movement, relationship with yourself and so much more. I give you the tools to empower yourself to make choices that are in your best interest so you can have the most fulfilling life possible. I am here to be meet you where you are at in a heart-centred, approachable and attentive way. I am here to be your guide, your confidant and your cheerleader as you navigate coming home to yourself.

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Caitlin went above and beyond to provide additional resources to support our journeys and took the time and energy to make me feel truly safe and held on a personal level. I went from being curious yet scared to experience my natural cyclical rhythm to feeling excited and empowered about the beautiful impact living cyclically can have on my life.

-Elana N.

Hi, I'm Cait.  

I'm the owner and menstrual cycle expert behind Consciously Cait. My work explores the intersection between movement, menstruation, self care and mindfulness. I believe we need to step away from diet culture and the linear way of life. Instead, we should work with our hormonal phases to live in flow and liberate ourselves from the systems that keep us small.

Menstrual magic has transformed my life and I dream of a world where each and every menstruator understands the power of their cycle and passes this knowledge onto the next generation.

In my free time you can find me reading up all things astrology, listening to my favourite boy bands (hello Harry Styles), watching trashy reality tv and cooking a good meal. I am pretty sure I am the most hilarious person I know and strive to laugh as much as possible each day. My sidekick Zoe, my sweet angel pup can be found in my lap while I'm working and if I’m not working- I can be found exploring the city with my dear hound.

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